A late father’s day poem, but not forgotten

Pardon the tardiness, but this is dedicated to all the devoted, disloyal or soon to be fathers out there. I Hope your father’s day was as splendidly peaceful as mine. And to all the fathers that weren’t so blessed, a bad day may lead to a better beginning. Keep your head held high and grind!

And to the fathers who have already departed from this world, you will be remembered.

To the father whom we take for granted,
For the dedication we show at random,
To the forgotten far in the skies,
Or below the wastes of peril,
A sacrifice filled with pain,


Even born from the ashes of heaven,
Or below the flames above,
We will love thee for what it’s worth,
Honor and glory is not what you deserve,
A ray of hope for children,
Your compensation paid in full.