Internet Poem Series Volume I:
Part III-Poetry for the “Wicked”

I often ponder the relationships we build on social media and cellphones. Some of these relationships are fruitful and filled with love and joy, and the others, not so much. We question whether or not this wave of technology is beneficial for humanity, beneficial to your kids, or even yourself. We even question our sanity on why we use the things we question on a daily basis. This is dedicated to the person that has to deal with these non-stop barrage of texts from your grandma, your aunt, your mother, your sister, your best friend’s second best friend, your co-worker, your kid, your wife, your girlfriend, your daughter’s friend’s cousin-in-law’s friend’s brother, and many, many more. Exaggeration aside, the patience we build from these is a supposed virtue. You be the judge and enjoy my first take on that one person who fills your day with delight.

One Fine Day

Send me the word when the next one will be done,
Like I owe them a cookie, or spare him some change,
Why does the manner always appear to be the same,
Over the phone, in over my head, let’s not be friends,
Just send one email, no need for a selfie when I know myself,
Posting me with your dubious claims, late arrivals,
Bolstered objectivity like you’re living in a parallel reality.